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For many people anger and guilt go hand-in-hand forming a vicious circle and making life complicated and difficult. Dr. Gerry Dunne, psychologist and teacher shares helpful suggestions for managing anger and guilt in her book and YouTube videos both named, Anger Without Guilt. Her clients and students in Anger and Conflict Management classes have consistently reported how much her ideas and suggestions have helped them in their relationships at home and at their jobs. Many have described positive changes in their relationships with themselves.

Gerry's focus starts with the need to listen to the inner teacher we all possess and to use our right mind to manage ourselves with positive personal power in difficult situations. Once we recognize how anger and guilt block our ability to find peace and happiness we can choose to shift our perspectives and actions. Gerry tells numerous eye-opening stories about situations in the lives of real people in her book and videos which set the stage for learning new, helpful attitudes and skills.

Each one of the 20 chapters in the Anger Without Guilt book zeroes in on a key aspect of managing anger and conflicts beginning with how to replace an anger habit to a life of self-acceptance, happiness and love. In each of the videos, Gerry shares stories in an off-the-cuff manner about how she is overcoming her own anger habit. The tranquil garden she created is the setting.

You are invited to join Gerry in her garden!

The Book

Anger Without Guilt helps us manage our anger and conflicts. It also helps us free ourselves from the guilt angry episodes often bring.

Our Services

We offer services for helping you as a guest speaker in a group environment or one to one.

My Story

Read Gerry's story to find out how the Anger Without Guilt book and her services came about.

Gerry offers many new ideas not only to help you manage anger and conflict but also to give you the keys to more happiness and peace.

Anger Without Guilt offers:

Anger Without Guilt is available in print with soft cover or as an ebook at the Purchase Anger Without Guilt page.

Anger Without Guilt Book

Based on the lessons learned throughout her life, psychologist and author, Dr. Gerry Dunne, has written Anger Without Guilt to increase your self-awareness, self- respect and skills for handling yourself in tough situations.  

Topics include:

Cluelessness to Consciousness

Have You Ever Blown Your Top?

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

Know Your Anger Triggers

Can You Refocus?

Who Controls You?

How Assertive Are You?

Do people Like to Communicate with You?

Anger Traps to Avoid

Managing Anger in Your Family

Can You Handle Confrontations?

Close Encounter
With  A Hummingbird

One summer morning a hummingbird I‘d been watching as it sped from flower to flower came straight at me and stopped about two inches from my face.  With wings moving in a blur, we stared at each other for a few seconds nose-to-nose.  Then he jetted around me and crashed into my front window and dropped to the bench beside me either dead or unconscious.  I stared at his beautiful little body in stunned awe.  

It came to me that if he was alive I should get him to a safe spot because one of my cats might have him for a snack.  Using a clean tissue I gathered him up and placed him in a hanging basket among some flowers.  (I’ve been told that it is important to keep from touching a bird with your hands because human scent makes them an outcast among other birds of their species.)  Before I left him alone I whispered, “Live, little friend.  Wake up and fly away.”

I came back an hour later to find my hummingbird gone!  Ever since this incident I have seen hummingbirds as being even more amazing than I did before.  Let us be like hummingbirds with their free spirits and keen awareness of where they are and what they are doing every moment (well, almost every moment).  Let us use our energy to move through life focusing on what’s real and good like they move from flower to flower.  Let us shift our attention and move quickly from murky surroundings like anger, guilt and fear as the hummingbird on the cover of Anger Without Guilt is doing.  And when we crash like my hummingbird did let us awaken to full and glorious consciousness and soar! 

our happy clients

  • “I was having a really tough time with my step son and found myself just 'blowing up' after becoming frustrated with him.  Gerry's book helped me find the right way to deal with my anger and it has really helped my relationship with my step son and all my family.

  • "What a wonderful book. Anger Without Guilt has been a real life saver for me and my family."

  • "Gerry, your book has been so wonderful. Both my husband and I have read it cover to cover. Thank you again."