Anger Without Guilt Book, Gerry Dunne PhD

Anger Without Guilt Book

Dear friend,

Why did I write Anger Without Guilt? The short answer is "I couldn't not write it!"

Gerry Dunne holding her book Anger Without Guilt Anger was prevalent during my childhood and teen years. It always disturbed and bewildered me. I was surrounded by people who often engaged in attack and defense with each other and at some point I began to imitate them. When I fully realized I was dragged down by an anger habit combined with guilt I was shocked. I vowed to unwind the web I felt trapped within. Over time I gradually saw ways to unsnarl and replace that web. I began to take steps on a new path that not only helped me manage myself when I became angry but also led to new positive ways to view life and live it in more peace and joy.

It took many years for this to happen. I read numerous helpful books, met with counselors, and eventually earned a doctorate in Psychology. When I felt ready I started writing about anger management and even began teaching it. I wrote curriculum for classroom teachers and school counselors to use to help kids learn what I wish I had learned at their stage of life.

I wrote the text for the class I taught for over 10 years at my local community college, Anger and Conflict Management: Personal Handbook. During those years I received overwhelming positive feedback from my students and clients. They claimed the class and life coaching meetings helped them with their relationships at home, at work, and especially with their inner selves.

When the college closed down our Human Development Department for which I taught Anger and Conflict Management I lost a job I loved. Shortly after that the COVID 19 Pandemic put us all in isolation. What else could I do?

I got busy writing and sharing my thoughts on video. The result: a book and YouTube series called Anger Without Guilt! I did it for myself and for you.


Gerry Dunne

Anger Without Guilt is available in print with soft cover or as an ebook at the Purchase Anger Without Guilt page.