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My Story

Lately I’ve come to realize that my story is actually “Our Story.”  Each of us has experienced life differently but the basics are the same for us all.  Throughout life everyone needs love, peace and happiness yet we find ourselves slugging it out with anger, guilt, and fear.  These opposing forces create our endless lifetime dramas.  Too often those dramas are sad, even tragic.

Just like you, I came into the world naked, ignorant and terrified.  Just like you, I was innocent on arrival.  (I believe we all remain innocent in our core.)   Just like you, I found comfort in cuddles, sweet smiles, and loving vocal sounds.  Beginning at that tender age and continuing throughout life, I became shocked and insecure whenever anger erupted—just like you?

Later on it was me erupting in anger, impulsively putting my foot in it, and then feeling guilty.  The guilt led to more anger and more guilt—around and around it went—a vicious circle.  Depression, anxiety and serious illness followed.  Does this remind you of anyone you know—perhaps yourself?

Mystified by my own struggles with myself and what I saw other people going through I decided at some point to figure it all out and to turn my life from the anger habit I had developed to self respect and happiness.  I’m still working on this goal, however I’ve learned some powerful ways to use my mind and direct my actions.  Writing Anger Without Guilt and speaking to you on YouTube are my ways of sharing what I’ve learned with you.  Join me!

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