YouTube Videos With Dr. Gerry Dunne

Look for Anger Without Guilt on YouTube. Titles include:

  • Stop the Vicious Circle of Anger and Guilt

  • Your Right Mind v. Your Wrong Mind

  • Five Steps for Managing Yourself When You Become Angry

  • Five Ways to Mismanage Your Anger

  • How Do You Talk to Yourself About Yourself?

  • Drop Your Communication Stoppers

  • Know Your Anger Triggers

  • Do You Have a Case of Controlitis?

  • Don’t Let the Memories of Your Own Past Drive You Crazy

  • Who’s Got You Under Their Influence?

  • Can You Step Out of Judgment?

  • No One Has Less or More Value Than You Do

  • And More

The setting for the YouTube video presentations is Gerry’s rambling garden with vegetables and herbs as well as beautiful landscapes. Besides her gardening hobby, Gerry is also a clay sculptor of garden art. Look for her clay birds, owls, cats and even a slug or two!