Psychologist And Author
Opens Psychology Practice

  • Dr. Gerry Dunne Specializes In Anger Management

    " Dr. Gerry Dunne is opening a psychology practice at her home in Battle Ground and has also recently released a new book.

    Although the book, titled Anger Without Guilt: Anger Management Begins Within, is meant to be accessible to anyone and has a broad focus, it was formed from Dunne's personal experiences.

    "It's a collection of everything I learned about anger," said Dunne, who turns 83 on Oct. 23. "I grew up in a place with a lot of criticism and arguing" . . . .

    From The Reflector Nov 6, 2021, by Sebastian Rubino /

  • Overcome Anger And Depression With Focus And A Plan

    One of the most startling and wonderful books I ever read was "Man’s Search for Meaning" by psychologist Viktor Frankl.


    Frankl was among millions of Jews taken by the Nazis at the beginning of World War II. He was separated from his wife and children, who were put to death in a gas chamber. He managed to survive years of prison camp and hard labor.


    After his ordeal Frankl lived many more years to write his story, counsel patients and teach. I had the good fortune to be one of his students back in the '70s. He claimed he survived because he maintained this attitude. . . . .

  • Kindness Matters, Including To Ourselves

    Recently, I came out of a grocery store on a cold, rainy day and realized I didn’t know where I had parked my car. My first reaction was to call myself stupid.


    That was my critical, wrong mind, and it had the effect of temporarily shutting down my brain and making me feel like a fool. A bit later I woke up and rejected what my wrong mind "said."


    I decided to shift to my right mind. It told me: "Calm down. Take a deep breath and look around. Maybe you’ll spot it. Think back to when you parked. Where were you?" That's when I remembered and spotted the car. . . .